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Andre Callioux

Langston Allston 

St. Rose DeLima, New Orleans,La

These murals were sponsored by Habana works as part of the the redevelopment of the deconsecrated St. Rose Campus. Initially designed as a temporary artwork, these murals have been adopted by Southern Rep Theater company,and can be seen in the hanging over the entrance to their newly built theater at St. Rose.   

The paintings celebrate the life of New Orleans born civil war hero Andre Callioux, and the contributions of Father Claude Pascal Maistre, the first priest at St.Rose, in preserving his legacy. Callioux managed to work his way out of slavery, establish a business, and act as a leader in his community in antebellum New Orleans. After the Union army occupied the city Callioux joined the fight against slavery, and rapidly ascended to an officers rank. During this same time Maistre was working against the Catholic establishment in the city as the only vocally abolitionist priest in the city, even during the Union occupation. Callioux was killed in the battle of Port Hudson, and denied a proper burial, despite his heroic contributions to the war effort. Maistre took it upon himself to commemorate his service, and organized a massive funeral procession, beginning at the steps of St. Rose.